On October 1, 1970, in what was then the largest merger in Australian banking history, ANZ Ltd merged with the English, Scottish and Australian Bank Limited to form Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited - the modern ANZ.


A 50 year anniversary of the launch of ANZ isn’t just a commemoration but a timely reminder of the vital importance of history and heritage in the enduring value of the bank today.


ANZ History

100 Miles of banking experience



Banking on a lifetime of memories


A bank, a marriage, a home – and 65 years later they’re all going strong.




Because of their unique shape, employees at the English, Scottish & Australian Bank (ES&A) Bank used to compete to see who could stack the most Austrailian 50 cent coins on top of each other end-to-end. The ES&A Bank record for coin stacking in 1970 was 8 coins high, but our records suggest there was a customer who could stack 11.




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ANZ isn’t a 200-year old startup, but has a similar story of humble origins.

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In World War One employees from an ANZ predecessor bank volunteered at a higher rate than the general population.

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Flashback to the 60s or 70s and bank marketing looks a bit different, bluenotes reflects back on some historic ANZ posters.