Series: Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers

Almost every business, big or small, has had to make changes to they way they operate since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged across the world from early 2020.


In some cases, the changes have been due to a shift in consumer trends, the location of the business or simply because they have had little choice but to do so.


In this series ANZ customers who run small to medium businesses share their experiences of change, growth and staying ahead of the curve.


Jeff is a business writer of more than ten years whose work appeared regularly in The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Adelaide Advertiser and the Brisbane Courier Mail.


From dog treats to drones, performance car specialists to footwear, meet the businesses leading the way in their industries.


Businesses: 5 tips for post lockdown recovery

Simple ways for small and medium sized businesses to stay on top of reopening.

Bae: more than a ‘cute idea’

Inspired by an overseas jaunt, Bae Juice is now stocked in major retailers across Australia and the US.

At the forefront of innovation

This business is on the cutting edge of delivering specialised drone technology to some of Australia’s leading organisations.

Why this small business is the torque of the town

Passionate car enthusiasts are helping drive a surge in business for WA-based mechanic Monsta Torque.

Regional tourism eyeing expansion

Despite the nation’s $150 billion tourism industry being in strife, a regional small town hotel in South Australia is leading by example.

Setting up an online business – feet first

Walking away from his career as a physiotherapist to start a footwear company from his Nan and Pop’s shed is proving to be a wise move for Daniel Jones.

Pooch power

As Australian dog owners spoilt their furry friends throughout the pandemic, one Melbourne company – started at a local market – had a box seat to the growth of this very lucrative industry.

Harnessing opportunity leads to big growth

Despite their customers being locked in houses for much of this year, bosses at computer and IT retail chain Centre Com have managed to nail down rapid growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.