Series: Debunking misconceptions


Under-representation of women in leadership across various industries and in some of Australia’s most thriving and essential businesses continues to be problematic. While some argue a plethora of factors contribute to women missing in leadership, it does raise a question: in 2021 are these ‘factors’ still relevant or are they now misconceptions


This year ANZ’s Business Growth Program has seen a 27 per cent uptake of women in leadership roles participating in the CEO Clinics across Australia. 


In this series, we talk to women who have been involved in the program and are leading the way in their respective fields, across a range of industries, in businesses we bank. They share helpful advice and lessons learnt and most importantly, help us dispell some misconceptions about their working lives.


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From retail to fuel distribution, regional to inner cities, meet the women leading the way.


The uniform lady

Through her passion for people and drive for success, Maria Grossi has been able to overcome her insecurities, and now shines with confidence both personally and professionally.

A state of equilibrium

Is there really such a thing as work-life balance? Mum of three and co-CEO of international dancewear brand Energetiks, Gail Gardiner, shares her perspective and advice.

Limitless opportunities

With advancements in the manufacturing industry, roles are evolving to incorporate the interface of robotics and technology.

Great scope for career growth in regional towns

With regional job opportunities at an all-time high, Sarah Simpson, manager at a fuel distribution company in the Victorian town of Alexandra shares her experience as a woman in what was once considered a male-dominated industry.

Family first

Considering going into business with family? Managing director and co-founder of successful retailer Gewürzhaus, shares her advice for working with those closest to you.