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New frontier for farmers as low-interest environment starts to turn

As a new era of rising interest rates and cost inflation dawns, farmers need to be resilient, have stronger earnings, more flexibility and consider more diversification.

Northland geothermal plant powering a sustainable future

The expansion of Top Energy's geothermal power generation at Ngāwhā now makes the Far North district self-sufficient in terms of electricity, and all of it now comes from a renewable source.

Kiwis take backyard trapping to new level through COVID

Data from one of New Zealand’s leading innovators in predator-free technology suggests Kiwis double down on pest control in their backyards when in COVID lockdown, with some impressive results.

Going above and beyond carbon neutrality

They became carbon zero certified in 2019, but now the team at nationwide property remediation company APS Complete Property Services (APS) is planning to double - even triple - their offsets, to become one of just a handful of New Zealand companies that are carbon positive.

Building a healthy and balanced economy

ANZ NZ’s strong annual results come off the back of record demand in the housing market, a stronger than expected economy and a significant reduction in provisions put aside by the bank last year.

Beard Brothers: Small goods, big dreams

The success of Rob Beard’s salami and small goods business pushed him to the edge - but now, with the right help and support, he has transformed his business, making it stronger and more resilient, and in doing so he has redefined his idea of success.

‘Making a difference and feeling proud’

One of country’s leading tourism operators is looking forward to the return of international visitors, eager to provide a pioneering zero-carbon holiday experience in partnership with other businesses in the Nelson Tasman region. In this article, Brendan Alborn of Alborn Enterprises talks about how he went about making his company carbon neutral.

Much more than just a ‘farmer’s wife’

With the critical role women play in food systems around the world being recognised by this year’s International Day of Rural Women on October 15th, Hawkes Bay farmer Maddy McLean reflects on how the traditional role of women in agriculture has evolved, and how she gained the skills, knowledge and confidence to contribute to both the day-to-day, and business sides of her farm.

Lofty ambitions

Auckland food manufacturer Loft started out wanting to reduce waste, but that goal quickly evolved into a widespread focus on sustainability – now they’re carbon neutral, and have some key tips for other businesses just getting started.

Challenge to Kiwi farmers to think 100 years ahead

The couple behind one of New Zealand’s most sustainable farms are challenging all Kiwi farmers to think three or four generations into the future when making decisions.

Summerset in sustainability-linked loan first

New Zealand retirement village operator Summerset Group’s sustainability linked loan sets environmental, social and governance standards for the growing aged care sector.

Fiji's Covid-19 outbreak prompts a new way of leading

When Fiji’s Covid-19 outbreak began this year and the country closed to all arrivals, ANZ Regional Executive for the Pacific Tessa Price found herself on the wrong side of the border.