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New Zealand women continue to achieve success in all fields - from business, to arts, to science, to sport.


It’s time for all New Zealanders to feel it’s no longer unusual for a woman to succeed in any way she chooses – and be championed doing so.

There’s a huge amount of work to be done to find ways that enable, empower and encourage women to fulfil their professional or personal aspirations and dreams, which uplifts us all, socially and economically. 


This isn’t only about women supporting women - this is about all New Zealanders acknowledging the need for practical solutions to help lift women up by encouraging and empowering them to strive and win in all aspects of life.


The findings of ANZ's Watch Women Win Report show a need for companies of all shapes and sizes to step up.


By ‘watching women win’ we can shine a light on and celebrate achievements experienced by women – from the top sporting echelons of the Olympics and Paralympics, to women who are winning everyday by making it to the gym, pursuing their side hustle, or returning to study to improve their whānau’s future. 


Employers have an opportunity to use their influence and leadership to celebrate and champion our Kiwi women in all fields, and our research respondents told us mentors and role models play a big part in the lives of our wāhine toa.


As one of the country’s largest employers, we’re committed to help create change and make a difference for the next generation of New Zealanders.



Download ANZ's Watch Women Win report

Download ANZ's Watch Women Win report (2.33MB PDF)
Download ANZ's Watch Women Win report (2.33MB PDF)

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