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ANZ News

Spectrum of dreams

Online - the new black in fashion

The economy may be threadbare but consumers still want to look their best in the fashion stakes.

ANZ Board Minutes: from the farm to the bank

John Macfarlane has run banks, farms, shopping centres – what’s the link?

Inspiration for a new generation of change makers

The Work Inspiration program provides the next generation with inspiring opportunities, proving regardless of background; a bright, bold future is within their grasp.

Behind the glitter

ANZ’s commitment to inclusion and respect for the LGBTIQ+ community extends well beyond one big parade in March.

Volunteering your mind

Skilled volunteering can have immeasurable benefits for both not-for-profits and the volunteers.

Ordinary people, extraordinary talent

For Dan Carney, the Kaleidoscope charity art auction allows him to shed his ANZ suit and reveal his superpower to the world.

Gonski: our self-assessment and what we are doing

ANZ Chairman outlines actions the bank is taking to address issues raised by APRA self-assessment.

A Rosie outlook on Fiji tourism

Having a vision and taking a risk helped Rosie’s Tours re-define tourism in Fiji.

Smart water investment produces a rosé result

When the Marlborough District Council restricted water use during this summer’s big dry, grape growers felt it.