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The cloud and the silver lining for customers

As major companies shift their technology footprint to the cloud, the benefits are significant for ANZ, its customer and shareholders.

A century-old tax and a stablecoin walk into a bar…

Decentralised finance technologies are helping alcohol producers and regulators maintain oversight and reduce red-tape.

Global food stocks consumed by shortage

A perfect storm of issues is leading to increased food insecurity. And this global crisis will get worse.

Advancing economic inclusion of the LGBTIQ+ community

Investing in a more progressive, inclusive environment for employees, customers and stakeholders is the right thing to do. And will create economic opportunity.

Yetsenga: data lessons from Warhol to the Wisdom of Crowds to Winning Friends

ANZ Chief Economist outlines his eight guidelines for working with data – from David Beckham to a can of Coke.

Rising rates bring fresh challenges for banks

Competition, regulatory costs and technology investments are likely to keep pressure on bank returns even as interest rates rise around the world.

Changing the numbers: using technology to help combat card fraud

ANZ is constantly developing and refining methods to enhance security for customers, including modernising older safety codes.

Don’t swim naked with the seagulls

The economic tide is going out. Now is when we’ll find out which financial trends will be exposed or stand proud.

Using technology to fight online abuse: hiding in plain sight

ANZ’s financial crime monitoring and reporting continues to protect vulnerable customers by helping police track perpetrators of online abuse.

Election aftermath: a new era of policy

ANZ Chief Economist Richard Yetsenga examines the issues that will dominate the economic agenda post-election.

Ah, you want a stable stablecoin…

Rising rate expectations are ultimately behind the destruction of recent weeks in crypto asset markets, especially cryptocurrencies.