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Election aftermath: a new era of policy

ANZ Chief Economist Richard Yetsenga examines the issues that will dominate the economic agenda post-election.

Partnering for the next generation of banking

ANZ’s external innovation and venture capital partner 1835i is building a portfolio of businesses that align with the bank’s strategic purpose.

Ah, you want a stable stablecoin…

Rising rate expectations are ultimately behind the destruction of recent weeks in crypto asset markets, especially cryptocurrencies.

A berry good outlook for Aus growers

Solid growth in domestic consumption and increased production capacity will bear fruit for Australia’s berry industry.

IN CHARTS: is renting out of reach in regional Australia?

The latest ANZ CoreLogic Housing Affordability Report shows record low rental affordability in regional Australia where rents can be greater than the cost of servicing a mortgage.

Building a more accessible bank

As organisations step further through their technology transformation, it’s imperative they remain focused on accessibility for all.

Economic shorts: watching rates, inflation

There is a lot of focus on inflation and cash rates in Australia today – and there will be more. But what happens when they move and how does it impact the economy?

Super cycling to a sustainable future

The worlds next super-cycle is inevitable. And it will require an innovation and funding super-cycle as fuel.

Aus infrastructure: blueprints need review

Construction in Australia’s infrastructure sector coped okay through lockdowns but there’s much work to be done to meet lofty targets.

Hydrogen’s dawn brings huge opportunities

Replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen will cut emissions and enable Australia to develop significant new domestic and foreign markets.

Planning for a future-ready workforce

Businesses must strategically plan for workforce needs in the face of “the great resignation” in a post-pandemic environment.