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LONGREAD: the bank we’re building

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott outlines key focus areas for the bank’s future growth and opportunities.

FULL COVERAGE: ANZ’s full-year 2021 result

Everything you need to know about ANZ’s 2021 full-year result in one place.

PODCAST: the strategic role of CFOs

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott and CFO Farhan Faruqui discuss the changing nature of the relationship between the two roles as Faruqui takes up the position.

Watson: banking on sustainability in NZ

ANZ New Zealand CEO says a strategic focus on environmental sustainability will create opportunities for the bank and its customers.

PODCAST: how will housing market perform post-pandemic?

COVID-19 created a unique type of recession. This is what it means for economic recovery and the fortunes of Australia’s housing market.

Farming’s family tree: branching out

The future of family farms may look a little different as women step up as highly qualified, technology-focused successors.

Big Tech bank invasion halted at the moat

The much heralded invasion of banking by giant technology companies hasn’t panned out exactly as first thought.

Setting up for success: a strategic future for Australian payments

The Australian payments network will remain fit for purpose as it realigns to support the next phase of digital financial services.