The best of 2021 from bluenotes and ANZ News

Well, 2021 was different to 2020… Different variants, different challenges, different attitudes. But also different stories of resilience, of innovation, of breakthroughs, of optimism.

Raising funds to rescue furry friends

Investing in technology allowed this animal welfare charity to continue fundraising through lockdowns.

O’Sullivan: getting on with the emerging opportunity

ANZ Chairman Paul O’Sullivan outlines key focuses and challenges for the bank and its board in 2022 and beyond.

Cyber conversations: teaming up on security

Cybercrime is spreading with the pandemic. Cooperation between the ACSC and industry partners like ANZ is a vital protection against these threats.

ANZx emerging into the light

The program will transform traditional banking and help people and businesses improve their financial wellbeing.

Time to celebrate!

As we celebrate IDPWD2021, Ability Fest could not have come a better time to empower people with disability as the country emerges from lengthy pandemic lockdowns.

Read, watch, listen: bluenotes’ 2021 content stocking

After nearly two years of lockdown periods spent streaming, reading or listening, we asked ANZ’s executives and board for their top recommendations.

The uniform lady

Through her passion for people and drive for success, Maria Grossi has been able to overcome her insecurities, and now shines with confidence both personally and professionally.

The future of self-storage looks bright

Ben Cohn, Taxibox chief and ANZ Business Growth Program alumni shares his insights on self-storage, innovation and the growing pains of starting a business.