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Going the extra mile

"We understand our customers, we understand their financial position and we’re equipped to help them achieve their objectives."

Supporting customers at an exciting time in their life is, for me, the best thing about being a mobile lender. Everyone from first home buyers, up-sizers, people building a home or investing in properties.


Guiding our customers on the home buying journey and, at the end, being able to say..."Congratulations, we got there!" – it’s incredibly rewarding. You’re sharing in their happiness.


Having entered the market in 2004, this year marks 20 years of ANZ Mobile Lending.


I believe this milestone is a testament to the calibre of people within the mobile lending network and the quality of the service we consistently deliver to our customers.


The only franchise opportunity offered by a major bank in Australia under its own brand, ANZ Mobile Lenders operate as authorised representatives under ANZ’s credit licence. This means lenders – myself included - are offered a unique opportunity to start, run and grow their own businesses.


More importantly, ANZ Mobile Lending offers customers access to expertise and convenience - home loan specialists who can guide them through the borrowing process at a time and place that suits them.


According to data gathered for ANZ by Cognition Research in late 2023, the top three things customers value in a mobile lender are a trusted partnership, expertise and convenience.

Evolving needs


Last year we were honoured to be awarded the ANZ Mobile Lending Franchise of the Year for 2023. For me, this is recognition of the talented people within my team and the years of care they have demonstrated for our customers.


Within my team, we have over 40 years of ANZ experience and it’s this experience and knowledge that gives enormous comfort to our customers. They know that when they call us in five, seven or ten years’ time, it will be one of be us that picks up the phone.


Simon (far right) with the team.

The Cognition Research showed some customers wanted a long-term relationship to help manage their future plans. They wanted to work with the same person – someone who already knew their situation and they wouldn’t have to start from scratch.


And this research is corroborated by ANZ customer data which shows that more Mobile Lending customers continue as ANZ home loan customers even after selling their property, compared with other channel.


I see this regularly from customers and I take pride in establishing relationships to help manage their evolving needs.


Such long-term relationships are of great significance, says Campbell Wright, ANZ’s General Manager of Mobile Lending Australia.


“Having a trusted partner – specialists who care, helping you with every step of the home loan journey – is really important to our customers and it’s something the ANZ Mobile Lending network takes great pride in.”


“The Net promoter Score (NPS) for ANZ Mobile Lenders has been consistently above 80 this financial year to date. This demonstrates very high customer satisfaction levels and is a true reflection of the service our Mobile Lenders provide.”


We understand our customers, we understand their financial position and we’re equipped to help them achieve their objectives. Having that relationship allows us to go the extra mile to provide customised solutions, how and when they need it.


Because we understand them, we are forever identifying little ways to help them bank a bit smarter, or structure their affairs more effectively, allowing them to save a bit more here or there.


In terms of convenience, we often do appointments after 5pm and on weekends, and for busy people, that flexibility is invaluable.


About half my customer appointments are after hours or on weekends, at times when people are usually together and can focus. Increasingly, we’re holding these meetings online which means location becomes less of an issue.


Looking to the future


Twenty years on, ANZ Mobile Lending has grown to a national network of established businesses, operating in 160 geographies across Australia. With over 400 accredited lenders, the network supports more than 110,000 customers with their home ownership goals.


With our unique, personalised service, my team and I look forward to continuing to support our customers’ in their home ownership journeys, as well as strengthening our many long-standing partnerships.


Simon McNeil is an ANZ Mobile Lending Franchisee based in Kew, Victoria.

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