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The Wellington charity tackling inequality

Wellington-based Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA) feeds and clothes thousands every month – and is looking for all the help it can get.


The charity, an independent group working to help reduce inequality in the community, redistributes surplus food and household goods to frontline agencies including Supergrans and the Salvation Army.


“There's so much food wastage and so much consumerism that there is enough to go around if people donate generously,” says Tracy Wellington, KCA’s Co-Founder.


Enough to go around - Kiwi Community Assistance connects people in need with what others don't need  download video 


Each year KCA’s team of 92 volunteers help more than 65,000 people in the greater Wellington region by collecting and redistributing surplus or unwanted food from local supermarkets and household items from other local businesses.


“We've always been able to get volunteers on the weekend. Our struggle is during the week because food rescue happens Monday to Friday,” says Wellington.


“Being able to find volunteers that can do the heavy lifting and are available on weekdays can be a bit of a challenge.


“We’d love more people to come on board and help us. People can also donate through our Givealittle page or our website.”


This year KCA has shipped out almost 200 tonnes of food and more than 3,150 banana boxes full of clothing to 67 different agencies.


The agencies can request specific items from KCA’s warehouse to meet the needs of the people they help.

The charity has struggled to manage the collection and drop-off of a growing volume of perishable products with its one aging truck.


But now, with the help of a $25,000 grant from the ANZ Staff Foundation, KCA will be able to buy a second vehicle.


“By having a new truck, it means that we can pick up more food,” says Wellington.


In 2019 the ANZ Staff Foundation donated almost $630,000 to Kiwi charities to support their important work.


“It’s surprising how many of our community based charities must rely on private sector donations. Without that, many vulnerable parts of our communities wouldn’t be supported,” says Mike Bullock, ANZ New Zealand’s Chief Operating Officer.


Visit KCA’s website for more information about the charity and how to donate.


About Kiwi Community Assistance


Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA) is a charitable organisation helping communities throughout the greater Wellington region.


KCA redistributes surplus food and household goods and redistribute them to frontline agencies working directly with people in need.


About the ANZ Staff Foundation


The ANZ Staff Foundation is a charitable trust founded in 2000. Since then it has donated more than $6 million to local charities and has become a leader in payroll giving in New Zealand.


ANZ staff can donate a percentage of their wage each week, and for every dollar given ANZ matches their contribution $2 for $1. In 2019 the foundation donated more than $626,000 to Kiwi charities to support their important work.