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Light speed disruption will bring opportunity

It was hard - if not impossible - for anyone to have foreseen a global crisis of this extent.  Just a few months ago, the idea of planning for a total shut down of the economy seemed like something from the realms of science fiction.


But now, with the impact of COVID-19 beginning to bite, there is the realisation that we are living in a very different world.


In this podcast, hosts Sharon Zollner and Mark Hiddleston give a macro view of the economy and the impact of COVID-19. There's also strong practical insights into how to keep businesses afloat through these difficult times.


“I know that being a business owner is an incredibly lonely place at times, but we’re all in this together," says Mark Hiddleston, ANZ's Managing Director - Business.


"We don't have all the answers but we do have experience, information and knowledge.


“One thing I know for sure is the best-laid plan has to adjust and adapt.  The more people that understand your plan and support it, the quicker you can then react and adapt to change."


“In terms of knowing what we’re facing, we have a lot more certainty than other countries and there will be opportunities that come out of that," says ANZ Chief Economist Sharon Zollner.


"They might be hard to see at the moment but we’re going to be a little oasis of stability and predictability and the trick is to make sure we are in a position to see those opportunities.”