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Future Focus - ANZ backs Techweek 2020

As one of New Zealand’s biggest tech shops, investing and fostering the development of a world class, diverse tech workforce and industry for New Zealand is an important focus for ANZ Technology and we’re proud to be taking part in this future-focused event.


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July 27th 2020 - Shifting towards a cashless society


Impacts from the recent pandemic have shown an increasing shift towards a cashless society, but how should we manage this and what are the impacts we should consider? What did we learn from Covid-19 and will society ever become 100% cashless?


Speakers include :

  • Anthony Watson, Head of Enterprise, ANZ NZ
  • Shaun Rees, Tribe lead for ANZ NZ’s Digital Team
  • Jim Boutcher, Senior Fraud Analyst, ANZ NZ
  • Graeme Muller, CEO, NZTech
  • Brian Bonar, Head of Payments, Industry & Risk, ANZ NZ


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Agri-tech investment – adopt or risk being left behind

Start investing in technology or face become less competitive – that is the message ANZ wants red meat farmers to take on board as technology advances provide new opportunities for the primary sector.

Help in a crisis – power up the digital assistant

“Jamie’s been an amazing tool for us over the last few months,” says ANZ NZ’s Chief Information Officer, Mike Bullock.

ANZ finances trans-Pacific subsea internet cable

Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN) is adding to its subsea offering and building a new, 13,000-kilometre, high-speed internet cable connecting Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific with the west coast of the United States.