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ANZ New Zealand's ESG progress at a glance

We're proud of the progress we’ve made when it comes to our social and environmental impact.


The infographic below shows what we've achieved towards meeting our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) targets in the last year.


As part of our latest Annual Report, ANZ produced an ESG supplement containing detailed information on our targets and performance - you can download it below.



ANZ NZ’s Voluntary Climate Report

ANZ NZ’s first voluntary climate report provides a picture of our climate-related risks and opportunities.

Act Now or Pay (Much More) Later: Warning on Auckland’s Water Woes

Failing to fix Auckland’s stormwater infrastructure now will cost the city much more in the long run, warns an ANZ sustainable finance expert.

Poultry in motion: Tirau Chicken Farmer Goes Electric

With clear financial reasons for going electric, and an increasing number of EV options, chicken farmer Jeff Collings says there’s no reason others can’t also consider making the change.