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ANZ's Watch Women Win Report

Antonia Watson: Here's how we support more women to succeed

It's time for all New Zealanders to feel it's no longer unusual for a woman to succeed in any way she chooses – and be championed doing so.

Bonus Bond Deadline Approaches - What You Need To Know

ANZ is urging the holders of Bonus Bonds to make sure their contact details are updated, before final repayments begin in December.

Police Warn of Sophisticated New Scam

Police are warning people about a sophisticated scam that allows fraudsters to hack into devices connected to home Wi-Fi networks.

Red, Orange, Green – what does it mean?

From Friday 3 December 2021 New Zealand will move to the new Covid-19 Protection Framework and enter the Traffic Light System.

New frontier for farmers as low-interest environment starts to turn

As a new era of rising interest rates and cost inflation dawns, farmers need to be resilient, have stronger earnings, more flexibility and consider more diversification.

Northland geothermal plant powering a sustainable future

The expansion of Top Energy's geothermal power generation at Ngāwhā now makes the Far North district self-sufficient in terms of electricity, and all of it now comes from a renewable source.

ANZ welcomes Government’s Green Bond move

ANZ welcomes the announcement that the New Zealand Government is planning to issue sovereign green bonds from next year to help raise funds for New Zealand’s low carbon transition.

Health expert answers common Covid-19 vaccine questions

As part of a Q+A session with ANZ staff, Australian public health physician Dr Natalie Gray answered some of the most common questions about the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, and cleared up some misconceptions.

Kiwis take backyard trapping to new level through COVID

Data from one of New Zealand’s leading innovators in predator-free technology suggests Kiwis double down on pest control in their backyards when in COVID lockdown, with some impressive results.