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Saving for more

“We can set goals for things that we thought we couldn't do or couldn't have.” – Jamie, Saver Plus participant. 

Moving from New Zealand to Australia was a big step for Jamie’s family. And it wasn’t always easy.


When she first arrived in Australia, Jamie found it difficult to cope with the financial burden of starting over. Her financial management wasn’t constructive and it was difficult to find relief from her worries.


“I would quite often take money from a store card and other store card or other bills when they became due and sort of just shuffled money,” Jamie explains. “Nothing was actually getting paid. Nothing was reducing.”


But taking part in the Saver Plus program has helped Jamie feel she has control of her finances and able to provide more for her children.



Saver Plus is a matched savings program which provides financial education to help families and individuals develop long term savings habits and assist them to improve their financial skills.


“It has a spin-off effect with self-esteem; students knowing they can participate in all the events, where before this they might only have been able to participate in some,” Andrew, Principal of Southport State School says.


Since completing the program, Jamie feels confident in her ability to save towards her goals.


“We can set goals for things that we thought we couldn't do or couldn't have. We can have those things and without the program I probably wouldn't have those things,” Jamie says.


Watch the video above to find out more about Jamie.


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