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The new us: identity, trust and working flexibly


“We connect through our vulnerability, not through our walls, not through our masks.” – Georgia Murch

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Almost no one living has the memory of a year of such immense change as 2020. Some people have taken it in their stride but so many of us are wondering what these changes mean for the future of traditional work.


Recently Paralympic Gold Medallist Dylan Alcott, Work Futurist and Head of Research and Development at Atlassian, Dom Price and feedback expert Georgia Murch caught up to discuss the importance of purpose, team connections and how we can all redefine our identity in a new world.


For Dylan, not being able to compete professionally in the Paralympics took its toll in the early stages of lockdown. When he reminded himself of his purpose – to help people with a disability get out there and live the lives they want to live – he realised the pandemic hadn’t taken this away from him at all.


“It's so pivotal to remind yourself of what your purpose is because as soon as I did that, I immediately felt better,” he says. “As soon as I started being me again, and not worried about hitting tennis balls but more so worried about what I really enjoy doing every single day with my life, I changed my mindset straight away.”



Georgia has seen many people struggling with their identity in the last few months and agrees with the importance of purpose to ensuring we stay focused.  She also believes reminding ourselves of our connections to others is key to understanding who we are.


“Getting back to that purpose of who am I, how am I meant to show up for myself and others, is actually one of the beautiful gifts from this experience because when we can create that interconnectedness… that's when we start nailing how to do humanity,” she says. “We connect through our vulnerability, not through our walls, not through our masks.”

"What is my purpose? How do I go about finding that? How long do I give myself to find that? And how okay am I with not having a clear purpose?" – Dom Price


Connection comes in many forms. Georgia is surprised by how often her team checks in with each other now they’re no longer working in the same office and how this has increased their output.


“We check in with each other far more regularly… And if anything, we've seen an increase in productivity because people feel more seen and heard,” she says. “There is no substitute for physical connection. None at all. There isn't. It is powerful. It is amazing. But what I have been surprised about is the level of intimacy that can be created when we are remote from each other.”



For Dom the foundation of a successful team isn’t just about connection, it’s about making sure they know they’re valued as people.  “We don't own people as assets. They're not resources. We borrow them from their families for eight hours a day. And our job is to return them in a better state than we took them in,” he says.


“I'm not deploying you for eight hours a day. You're not machine. You're a human. My job as your leader is to return you to your family in a better state that I took you in.  And that's the mindset shift we need.”


Where to go for help


Please remember you are not alone.


If you, or someone you know needs help or support, please go to BeyondBlue.org.au or call 1300 22 46 36. Beyond Blue has a range of resources to help support people’s mental wellbeing during COVID.


You can also contact Lifeline at LifeLine.org.au or call 13 11 14.


ANZ’s Employee Assistance Program is available for support services for ANZ employees and immediate family members. Please visit www.benestar.com or call 1300 360 364.


For ANZ employees outside of Australia in need of help or support please see ANZ’s intranet site MAX for details of your local employee assistance program.


For information on other services that can assist with navigating difficult circumstances visit anz.com.au



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