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Working from home: Mark Whelan

ANZ Group Executive Institutional Mark Whelan in his home office

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis have hit businesses of all sizes across the globe. For ANZ Group Executive Institutional Mark Whelan, ensuring the bank’s largest customers have the support they need to get through this period has been a key focus of his day-to-day life while working from his Melbourne-based home office.


In this new series, we step into the homes and offices of the bank’s executives to learn more about the person behind the desk. In this episode, Mark opens up about staying in touch with his family and how he likes to relax after a long working week.



Two great views


I’m very lucky to have such a great view over the Dandenong Ranges while I work. Living in Melbourne where we experience four seasons in one day, I get to either watch the rain roll in or enjoy brief moments of sunshine over the trees.


My other favourite view is this mousepad which features my grandchildren – one of my most treasured possessions. Spending time with my grandchildren is definitely what I’m missing the most while Melbourne is in lockdown so it’s nice to see their smiling faces each day at my desk. I love when my daughter sends videos of them so I can see how much they’ve grown. 



Digital catch ups


We have become a truly modern family during the pandemic and - like many other families – are now catching up together via Zoom. We try to make sure we stay in touch and check in with each other as often as possible. My kids are impressed at how much my ability to use technology has improved during lockdown!



Snack sharing


Our dog Raffy likes to keep me company while I work - he has even learnt to use his paw to knock on my door to come in and out! He is a typical Groodle (Golden Retriever-Poodle cross) and eats anything he can find - including my morning snack. He has a great nature and is a very calming force for me.





If I ever need a break, this sumo-sized Taschen book by famous US photographer Annie Leibovitz is an excellent distraction. Featuring an amazing collection of photos of famous actors, musicians, writers, athletes and business people, I discover something new every time I look through it. It’s a great addition to my music room.



Friday night cheer


Finally, this fireplace kept me warm through Melbourne’s winter and shares its space with my speakers which have been used more than ever in recent months. Every Friday night my leadership team gets together on a virtual chat and share our favourite songs to help us stay positive and support each other. I think (or hope!) they have learnt to appreciate Bruce Springsteen through this experience!



Mark Whelan is Group Executive Institutional at ANZ


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