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Behind the (virtual) scenes of the AGM

Pic: A great deal of technology and preparation is needed for a virtual AGM to run smoothly

For most retail shareholders, a chance to see – and ask questions of – the board of any major, publicly-owned organisation is a rare occasion. But the annual general meeting (AGM) is the one forum a year where that opportunity is guaranteed.


In 2020, venue density and social distancing restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that – for the first time in its history – ANZ’s AGM was held virtually.


Despite not being able to meet in person, all shareholders were still provided the opportunity to attend the virtual meeting and to ask questions of ANZ’s new chairman Paul O’Sullivan, CEO Shayne Elliott and the board.


At this year’s AGM, the following resolutions were passed:


   Item      Resolution Result of the poll

Re-Election of Board Endorsed Candidates:

(a) To elect Mr J T Macfarlane

(b) To re-elect Mrs I R Atlas AO

• Mr Macfarlane was re-elected as a Director

• Mrs Atlas was re-elected as a Director


Adoption of the Remuneration Report

Carried as an ordinary resolution


Grant of Performance Rights to Mr S C Elliott

Carried as an ordinary resolution


Resolution requisitioned by members – Amendment to the Constitution

Not carried as a special resolution


The images below provide a behind-the-scenes look at the virtual AGM and how it was organised.

Pic: ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott arriving at the AGM

Pic: ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott prepares for the AGM to begin

Pic: ANZ Chairman Paul O’Sullivan prepares for the AGM

Pic: ANZ Chairman Paul O’Sullivan reads his opening remarks ahead of the AGM

Pic: ANZ CFO Michelle Jablko attends the AGM to help answer any shareholder questions

Pic: ANZ teams help out in the background to ensure the AGM runs smoothly

Pic: Shareholders were able to ask questions from home during this virtual AGM

Pic: ANZ Deputy CEO Alexis George, Head of Communications & Public Affairs Tony Warren and CEO Shayne Elliott watch from the sidelines

Pic: ANZ Executive Manager Investor Relations Cameron Davis, Group General Manager Investor Relations Jill Campbell and Company Secretary Simon Pordage reflect on outcomes of the resolutions


Jill Campbell is Head of Investor Relations at ANZ


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