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From coding to radio interviews - reflections from an ANZ technology graduate


From my early days at university I thought there was only one job you would ever do and it was very important to choose correctly because I only had one chance! Through my three rotations at ANZ, I have learnt real life does not work this way.” - James Fricker



I'm James.


I like maths and sport.


What should I do for a job?


These thoughts ran through my head during the later stages of high school. I was constantly thinking about what I’d like to do after university and what should I study to get there.


Like most other kids at this stage in their lives, I had absolutely no idea.


Perhaps I still don't.


I'm grateful the opportunities I've had along the way have helped me get closer to answering this question.


When I decided what to study I took a reasonable approach and tried to minimise the risk of choosing a degree I didn't like. This strategy led me to choose what many of my friends studied at the time - mechanical engineering.


A year into the degree it was clear in my head, my heart - and my grades - this wasn't for me. In 2017 I took a chance and started a mathematics and finance double degree.


I realised quickly I enjoyed what I was studying! I was pumped and excited for what was to come after my degree, ready to decide what I was going to do with my career.


In 2020 I started applying for graduate roles. I looked far and wide, hopeful I would find a job that would allow me to combine my mathematical and financial acumen to make a difference in the world.


I was looking through places to work and ANZ stood out. ANZ’s graduate program would provide me with three rotations. I didn't have to stick to just one career as I previously thought. I could try three different ones and decide from there. This sounded great. It was a 'game-changer'.


At the beginning of 2021 my journey at ANZ began and what a journey it’s been. I have learnt so much about myself and how the world operates. My worldview has been shaped for the better by many of the people I have met at ANZ.



ANZ’s graduate program is designed to help grow curious minds and develop careers for those motivated to make a positive difference for the bank’s customers and community.


This year 121 people have enrolled in the Australian graduate program and just under half of them are working within ANZ’s technology division.


ANZ is flipping traditional banking on its head – want to come on this journey?


Our next campaign launches in July, learn more here.


From my early days at university I thought there was only one job I would ever do and it was very important to choose wisely because I only had one chance! Through my three rotations at ANZ I have learnt real life does not work this way. There are many different pathways we can pursue and doors are always open to trying something new.


During my time at ANZ - so far - as a technology graduate I have:

  • written articles
  • marketed a radio show
  • produced a yearbook
  • written code
  • interviewed guests
  • taught a coding boot camp
James Grad ANZ Radio


The fact I have done all these things in a single year is proof the notion of having a single career is an outdated one.


ANZ Radio

One of my favourite projects was my time on ANZ Radio a grad-led initiative which aims to better connect everyone across the bank to our senior leaders. Over several months I led the communications team as the graduates created a fun radio show for staff across the bank. In our first episode we spoke to Chief Executive Officer Shayne Elliott and New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Antonia Watson.


I love that at ANZ the opportunity to participate in these projects is not only available, it’s encouraged. Being able to connect with senior leadership in a large organisation is a rare opportunity. And being able to share this positive message with people across the bank makes it even more rewarding.


At ANZ I learnt about the importance of learning and having a growth mindset. Knowing things is important but a willingness to continually learn is even more so. This sentiment is not unique to the graduates. It’s in the DNA of everyone at the bank.


I think that's what sets ANZ apart. Graduates come from a diverse range of fields, interests and circumstances. What unites us all is our belief that we can learn and improve.


The Graduate Program has made it absolutely clear to me that adapting and growing is critical to enjoying your career.


My advice to young people is don’t get trapped in the one career mindset. Your career is what you make it and it can be as wide-ranging and diverse as you like. It's your responsibility to create opportunities and have the career you want.


James Fricker is a Technology Graduate at ANZ.


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