2022 half year esg target update


Each year ANZ sets public targets reflecting our strategic priorities and responding to our most material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.


As a bank, we seek to shape a world where people and communities thrive through our focus on financial wellbeing, environmental sustainability and housing.  A commitment to fair and responsible banking underpins our approach.


Outlined below is our half year progress against our priority ESG targets.


Katharine Tapley, Head of Sustainable Finance at ANZ Institutional (left) and Zoe Whitton, Partner at Pollination.

Katharine Tapley, Head of Sustainable Finance at ANZ Institutional (left) and Zoe Whitton, Partner at Pollination.



Supporting household, business and financial practices that improve environmental sustainability

 Since October 2019, we have funded and facilitated AU$31.03 billion to support sustainable solutions for our customers, including initiatives that help improve environmental sustainability, support disaster resilience, increase access to affordable housing and promote financial wellbeing.

We continue to engage with 100 of our largest emitting business customers, encouraging them to strengthen their low carbon transition plans and enhance their efforts to protect biodiversity.



Improving the financial wellbeing of our people, customers and communities by helping them make the most of their money throughout their lives

Since October 2020, we have established four new partnerships across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, to expand the reach and improve the impact of MoneyMinded, our adult financial education program.




Improving the availability of suitable and affordable housing options for all Australians and New Zealanders.

Since October 2018 we have funded and facilitated over AU$4.1 billion to support the delivery of more affordable, accessible and sustainable homes to buy and rent.

Since October 2020, we have supported 1,396 households in having healthier homes through our Healthy Home Loan Package and our Interest-free Insulation Loans.



Keeping pace with the expectations of our customers, employees and the community, behaving fairly and responsibly and maintaining high standards of conduct

We are implementing ANZ’s Customer Vulnerability Framework in Australia, which includes enhanced training of 3,200 employees to date, building their capabilities with respect to identifying, supporting and referring impacted customers.


We continue to work towards achieving the 17 actions in our new Reconciliation Action Plan by end 2024.

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