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Grow your business: A podcast series


It is the backbone of the Australian economy delivering more than $400 billion to the budget.  It also makes up almost half of employment in the private non-financial sector.


Despite doing all this heavy lifting, how much do we think about helping the crucial small business sector grow?


The ANZ Business Growth Program - delivered by The Australian Centre for Business Growth, University of SA – is about enabling that sector to achieve even more.


Each podcast takes business owners through a different topic that is key to growing a business. Recommended for all small and medium sized business owners.


Host Dr Jana Matthews is ANZ Chair in Business Growth at UniSA and leader of the ANZ Business Growth Program. On each episode she is joined by two successful business chiefs from across Australia and New Zealand.


Grow revenue and margin

The four strategies to increase revenue, from the least risky to the most risky. Plus six ways to increase margin or profit in order to scale-up.  


What does a CEO do?

Each stage of business growth presents new challenges and opportunities. Leaders must recognise their job is always changing so they must adapt to ensure the business, and their employees, thrive.


Marketing and sales…in that order!

Many businesses jump straight to sales to generate revenue - missing the crucial step of a marketing strategy. Dr Jana Matthews explains why market research and a solid plan ensures the best chance of success.


The Great Resignation

Don’t walk away from this episode! We all know about ‘The great Australian Life Assessment’. These are the key takeaways for businesses to retain employees and meet expectations in this new world.


Business Models, Strategic Planning, and Operational Plans of a growth business

If you are planning to succeed, we highly recommend this episode hosted by Veronica Kregor and Lisa Hewitt, Regional Executives, Business Banking Queensland. They discuss business models, strategic and operational planning.


Why is 'Culture' the Central Core of a Growth Business?

How do you define company culture? It is the collective beliefs, behaviours, and attitudes that are the hallmark of your company or your workplace. But how do you make this a reality and not a nice ideal?


Dr Jana Matthews is ANZ Chair in Business Growth at UniSA and leader of the ANZ Business Growth Program