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IWD2019: reigniting careers in technology

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we will be publishing content on women, their experiences and the need to balance for better. We hope you enjoy it.

The technology industry needs more women - ASAP. A growing number of organisations, ANZ included, are exploring new reserves of talent such as people who – having spent time out of the technology workforce – may be looking to make a return.


According to The Victorian Information Communication Technology for Women Network (Vic ICT for Women) women make up more than 50 per cent of the population yet account for only 16 per cent of ICT roles. This is despite the 70 per cent increase in overall ICT jobs since 1996.


“We’re working to correct a decades-long trend, and this will only happen through a conscious, sustained effort,” says Maryann Jamieson, who leads ANZ’s Automation and Integration Technology area and is the Executive Sponsor for the bank’s Women in IT network.


”We’ve designed the Return to Work program to provide more support to women and help them re-enter, remain and succeed in technology and leadership roles.”


For many, re-entering the workforce is daunting and seems like a complex process. Everybody’s situation is different and unique; however similar fears, questions and requirements often arise.


ANZ Release Lead - Technology, Bhavisha Sharma, says “so long as the mindset is right to work together to achieve both the outcomes for your manager and you at home, as an employee you’ll be really satisfied that you are able to do both.”


“Organisations are encouraging women and want women to be part of every top job, so definitely the world around us is changing.”


Watch the video below to hear the stories and experiences of five women, including Bhavisha, on the topic of returning to work.

Return to Work sits beside a number of internal initiatives designed to promote the participation of women in IT, and is the first to invite participants from outside ANZ. Applications open on International Women’s Day, nicely timed given the program’s focus on helping participants confidently transition back to the workforce is consistent with the IWD message for 2019 of balance for better.


Click here to find out more, the application period is 8 March – 29 March.


Carina Parisella is Initiatives Lead, Technology at ANZ


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