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Springs for life




“The pandemic has given Jubilee a great chance to bring back past customers and for all of us to put the Australian economy and our jobs first.” Mark Guest, Jubilee Springs MD.


Earlier in the year, as the first wave of COVID swept through Australia, The University of Sydney was asked by NSW Health to build an emergency ventilator for patients impacted by the virus to ensure there were enough ventilators in hospitals to meet the estimated demand.


In urgent need of three particular springs, the University sought the help of leading Australian spring manufacturer since 1938, Jubilee Spring Co, (Jubilee Springs) – an ANZ customer.

With an army of more than 500 people - mostly university students and staff – the complete turnaround to produce the ventilator was just 15 days.


Managing Director Mark Guest and Michael Logan, Sales and Technical Manager reflect on the experience.


The coronavirus was unfolding and The University of Sydney was responding.


They had been researching their needs on the internet and the head of the Biomedical Engineering department contacted Jubilee. We didn’t think twice about jumping in to assist.


The university had decided to use the internal components of an Australian-designed and made ventilator that was in just about every hospital in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s – but with modernised electronics.


They were in urgent need of three particular springs. Dimensions and specifics were discussed and Jubilee Springs agreed to design the springs. The designs were approved the following day and production started immediately.

Image source: The University of Sydney.


We’re fortunate to have a strong, professional relationship with The University of Sydney and a large team to enable us to deliver. Our standard turnaround time is 21 days however we managed to get this down to 7 days!


Lasting change?


Businesses across Australia and the world have been greatly affected by COVID-19 in one way or another.


From small businesses to large enterprises, our customers have had to adapt to the changes brought about by the uncertainty of the pandemic. We are seeing many of our existing customers ordering smaller quantities or only placing orders for next month rather than three months.


We have been fortunate to have maintained the majority of our existing customers, as well as an ability to service new customers. As a 100% Australian-owned and operated business, we have built a solid reputation on hard work, reliability and integrity.


The Jubilee team. Image source: Jubilee Spring Co.


We are seeing new customers who usually purchase overseas looking locally to Jubilee Springs to order our manufactured parts for their Australian manufacturing and plant repair needs.


The pandemic has also seen a return of Jubilee customers who want to support the Australian economy and local jobs.


Only time will tell if Australians will continue to buy local beyond COVID-19. 


How to navigate the pandemic and its impacts

1. Don’t take unnecessary risks - work and play smart. Practice social distancing.


2. Maintain customer relationships by communicating effectively and efficiently using available technology.


3. Accept that we all need to keep living, working and achieving purpose in our businesses and our lives.


Life saving solutions


While supplying parts for emergency respirators during a pandemic may seem left field, Jubilee Springs often plays a role in unforeseen projects that require immediate attention.


As designer and manufacturers of compression, tension and torsion springs, wire shapes and flat pressings in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we supply to various industries including Medical and Pharmaceutical, Defence, Mining and Energy. 


We often receive requests for medical equipment but we’re not always aware of the end user or final product. In this instance, we wanted to be part of a COVID solution -  a strong link in the chain.


Looking forward


We all hope COVID-19 is shortly under control but we just can’t predict the future. 


Throughout history there have been periods of devastation. In 82 years of business, we’ve seen so much change, so many opportunities and plenty of risk. We aim to keep in close contact with our customers to ensure we’re meeting their needs and supporting them through this time.


We want to be part of the re-emergence of manufacturing and full employment in Australia and provide continual improvement in both workmanship and service delivery so we’re able to help meet our customer’s needs and expectations, now and well into the future.


Jubilee Springs Managing Director, Mark Guest, his sister Kate and his brother Phillip (as well as his wife) all graduated from Sydney University. Both Mark and Phillip’s eldest daughters also attend Sydney University. Mark is very proud of his involvement with the University and is a long term donor.



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