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Pasture summit focus on basics in wake of Covid


Mark Grenside

Regional Manager (acting)

ANZ New Zealand

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought huge disruption to many sectors, but one that has continued to perform and is going to be critical to New Zealand's future is the agriculture industry.


In a global environment that faces twin health and economic crisis, New Zealand produces something the world wants.


Consumers are looking more closely than ever at the authenticity and the origin of their food and are demanding that our commitment to sustainability go beyond the wrapping and become integral to what it means to be New Zealand-made.


New Zealand's producers are well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity and more than ever the way we farm and produce out goods is going to count.


ANZ New Zealand has been a gold sponsor of Pasture Summit since 2018 and was proud to be part of this vidcast looking at the important of financial planning and budgeting.



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