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Hitting the bullseye on a career in tech


“When opportunity comes, you might as well grab it as you never know when it’s going to come again. And after all, opportunities are the best ways to learn new things!”



Kat representing Australia in archery at the 2017 World Dwarf games in Canada.

I moved to Australia from the Philippines 15 years ago in search of great opportunities. Being a person of short stature there were very limited opportunities in my country and it was always hard to be seen as an equal. 


I decided to pursue my Master’s degree in Information Technology at Deakin University and, shortly after, I landed my first job at ANZ in the Graduate Program in 2010.


Creating a cyber-safe world


As part of the program, I worked in two different areas, first the Cyber Security team and then in the Markets division. I also experienced being a bank teller for a week.


But cyber security quickly became my passion. After hearing about the negative online experiences friends and relatives have gone through, I wanted to be in a position to protect others from experiencing the same thing.


My job is a two-way street.  Not only do I learn how to engage with different people but I always learn new things from project teams inside ANZ as well as from external vendors.  I get to also be one of the first to try ANZ’s applications first hand, which is probably one of my favourite things.


In my current role I work as an engineer in the Applications Security team. As a passionate promoter of secure applications, I provide training and guidance - not only to internal and external developers but also to the entire project team in developing secure applications. I work alongside Security and Engineering experts to ensure web, mobile applications and ATMs are safe from cyber-attacks.


Kat at ANZ in Melbourne, April 2021. Photo by: Aravind Tellar


No difference


People can definitely spot me in any ANZ building, walking along with project teams, discussing secure applications. Four feet tall (rounded up), I’m no different to anybody else really - it's just that you'll hear me yelling out as I work with developers to properly secure their applications.


At ANZ, the only difference between me and other colleagues is I sometimes use a step-ladder to reach things like the hot water tap in the kitchen or I’ll ask someone to assist. That’s the way it is – I don’t want special treatment and that’s one of the many reasons I would recommend ANZ as a great place to work.


Thinking back to when I left the Philippines, I was so nervous taking the step to move to a country so different from my own. I remember it was sad to leave my family but, with their full support, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I have come to realise it was the best decision I ever made. Australia is where I was offered my first permanent full-time job and ANZ is the organisation that gave me the opportunity.




Not only do I get strong support from my team and my line manager but being part of ANZ’s Abilities Network program gives me a chance to share and comment on what ANZ can do to support people with disabilities.


ANZ Abilities Network


The Abilities Network which aims to raise awareness of disability and accessibility is made up of ANZ employees who are passionate about making a positive difference for people with a disability, including fellow employees, our customers and the wider community. Any ANZ employee can be a supporter and/or volunteer in the Abilities Network to contribute to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce and community.


People with disability constitute the largest minority group and the only group which any of us can become a member of at any time. Disability may be hidden or evident from birth (congenital), episodic or stable. It may be physical, sensory, intellectual, psychiatric, neurological or a learning disability. A disability may be temporary or permanent, total or partial, lifelong or acquired.



Besides this, ANZ has been really supportive when it comes to offering great work-life balance. Archery is very close to my heart and I happen to be pretty good at it! I represented Australia and took part in the 2017 World Dwarf Games in Canada where I won gold in both the 9 and 18-metre category and broke the record (all this in my first competition in Archery).


Dreaming big, inspiring big


One of my goals would be to compete in the Paralympics as I am hoping they will include a category for short-statured competitors in Archery. The goal doesn’t end there. I also want to encourage and inspire my fellow short-statured people in the Philippines and be a role model for them.


Through social media, I would like to reach out to them and let them know they can achieve a career as well as pursue their passion. My hope is if they see a Filipina compete in a world level sporting event and have a professional career, they will also be encouraged to pursue their passion.


When opportunity comes, you might as well grab it as you never know when it’s going to come again. And after all, opportunities are the best ways to learn new things!



ANZ was recently ranked in the top five Access and Inclusion Index performers for 2020/21 by the Australian Network on Disability (AND).


The five Access and Inclusion Index top performers recognises organisations  leading the way for disability inclusion in business.


ANZ’s Customer Vulnerability and Accessibility Lead, Meg Dalling says participating in the Index is an important way for ANZ to check our progress against the commitments we make in our Accessibility Plan


“I’m pleased to see us recognised again this year as a top performer, alongside other leading Australian organisations who are committed to ensuring their business welcomes and supports people with disability in every way,” Meg says. 


“I acknowledge the passion, energy and dedication of the many people across ANZ who keep us focused on this goal.”



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