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Engineering a passion into purpose


“It was important for me to figure out how to make tech work and to understand the ins-and-outs of any new technology I could get my hands on." Jacob White, Engineer, ANZ Group Technology

Jacob White, Engineer, ANZ Group Technology

Jacob White, Engineer, ANZ Group Technology


Ever since I was very young, I’ve been interested in learning more about tech. I’d take items apart to see how they functioned and what was inside them. I was excited by the idea of working with futuristic technology, innovating, and learning new things. I was one of those children who was always pressing buttons.


Right from the start, I was hooked by the idea of not only working with technology but also finding ways to innovate and even repurpose tech for new uses.


That’s why working with technology has always felt so natural for me - it felt like a simple transition from something I worked on in my spare time to a full-time job.


Growing my IT career


I loved my time at the school and university because it gave me access to new things to learn and experiment with.


I knew right from the start I wanted to be an engineer. In fact, during grade three at school I loved finding ways to bypass our school’s network so I could watch YouTube and play games during IT classes.


I think this showed my true passion for trying out new things, removing restrictions and making the most out of every device and its capabilities.


After finishing my studies, I chose to work at a company in Croydon specialising in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The company was focused on creating herbal medicines to help patients eliminate pain and anxiety while preventing various health problems.


Helping people and finding ways to make a difference appealed to me, especially since the company I worked for was looking to build technology and innovation capabilities. It felt like a natural fit for me because I wanted to not only enhance my IT skills but also put them to good use and make a huge difference.


The Microsoft TAFE traineeship


I learned a lot during my Microsoft TAFE traineeship and it helped me find my place within ANZ. It can be challenging to settle into a new environment, especially if you’re an introvert like me.


During my traineeship, I studied part time at RMIT while learning on the job at ANZ in the Integrated Computer Systems directory. I had the opportunity to work on various projects and in February this year, once I graduated, I was appointed to a full time role in the team. 


At ANZ my manager Manish has always supported me and made sure I have access to the resources I need. I felt like part of the team right away with everyone being helpful, professional and willing to help.


What excited me the most when I came to work at ANZ was the welcoming culture. People were very generous with offering their time to help me get on the right path.


The environment at ANZ has allowed me to enhance my skills, connect with teams and constantly harness my knowledge on multiple projects.


RMIT and ANZ have also been very supportive during COVID-19 which has been a difficult time for so many individuals and organisations.


Putting my skills to great use


One of the best things about working at ANZ is I always get to experience and work with new technologies. No day is the same and there’s always something exciting, fresh and rewarding to learn.


When you’re excited to go to work, you can reach your potential and feel empowered to do more every day. I always feel people do their best work when they are appreciated and supported by the team.


What I’ve learned so far at ANZ


Right from the start, I realised even if you’re new, you are part of the team and it’s important to ask about things you don’t understand. The help is there, so there’s no need to experiment on your own if you need support.


I’ve also learned being nice to people goes a long way. We all have a common goal and that’s to make every project a success.


Working hard and venturing out of your comfort zone is great. I tried multiple things before pursuing my IT career at ANZ. If you follow your dreams and harness your skills, you can become a lot more successful.


I think every job and career has its challenges and inconveniences however you can always find a solution. I recommend patience and focus on what you really want to achieve.


I am very excited to see where my ANZ journey will go and I am delighted to work with such talented, professional people.


I can’t wait to learn more and expand my career!


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