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ANZ Insights

Sustainable Finance - Moving Into The Mainstream

As sustainable finance moves into the mainstream it is fostering innovation and encouraging demand for high quality reporting and more uniform standards.

NZ Property Focus: Headwinds gathering

With borrowers likely to face higher interest costs in the months and years ahead, how high might interest rates might go?

Apple's privacy changes: What do they mean for your data?

Apple recently announced they are changing their privacy features – what will this mean for the consumer, and should I allow apps to use my data?

ANZ economist: Budget floats on borrowed money, but seems balanced

ANZ Chief Economist Sharon Zollner says the 2021 Budget "does strike a reasonable balance of looking out for the obvious problems that society's experiencing here and now - but with a bit of an eye to moving forward".

Signs of 'Tentative cooling' in property market

ANZ’s latest Property Focus suggests that while the New Zealand housing market remained hot in March, there are tentative signs of cooling.

Bubbling with excitement - Making Sense of the Trans-Tasman Bubble

The tourism sector welcomed the news this week that travel between Australia and New Zealand will be quarantine-free from 19 April.

Housing rule changes likely to impact investor demand

ANZ economists Sharon Zollner and Miles Workman react to the government's new measures aimed at encouraging first-home buyers and curb New Zealand's housing unaffordability crisis.

Property Focus: Nothing Lasts Forever

The housing market has had a spectacular run over the past year, fuelled by easy financing conditions, with interest rates low and credit readily available. But this environment is not expected to last forever.

Uneven Results - The Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Women

The COVID-19 pandemic has had uneven economic impacts on men and women.

A New Leaf for Auckland's Leafy Suburbs

The move towards more intensified living is gathering significant momentum in Auckland’s leafy inner suburbs.

Property Focus: Off the Beaten Track

Although the current housing upturn shares some similarities with the 2000s, maintaining momentum for such an extended period appears unlikely this time around.

Insight: Climate Change and the Path Ahead

The pressure to act to mitigate climate change is building and New Zealand has a role to play, especially if we want to leverage our “clean, green” image in international markets.