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ANZ Insights

Making Sense of the Reserve Bank's Bag of Tricks

With the OCR near zero, the RBNZ has had to work with a new bag of tricks since the COVID-19 crisis hit. This explainer make sense of how these tools work and affect the economy.

Spring Shopping Splurge - the Winners and Losers

ANZ's credit and debit card spending figures for October show some retail sectors are doing well well and others are struggling.

Could Prefab Solve NZ's Housing Crisis?

Leading architect and Grand Designs NZ host Chris Moller has called for more women to enter the construction sector, and for NZ to massively scale up the pre-fabrication of homes.

Could Infrastructure be the Vaccine for Our Ailing COVID-19 Economy?

"Our connectivity can help us turn the barrier of geographical distance into an opportunity."

Vaccines, volatility and eventualities

Recent vaccine headlines are very exciting, but how should we be thinking about this in terms of the economic outlook?

Why Almost Three-quarters of Lost Jobs are Women's

The impact of the downturn looks set to broaden and worsen, and women remain particularly vulnerable.

Social Bonds in Demand Amid Covid Pandemic

International capital markets have been swift to expand the scope of social bonds to respond to the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Riding High - But Wobbles Expected in NZ Housing Market

The housing market is riding high, with income support having provided a significant cushion, alongside a boost from lower mortgage rates.

Hanging In There – NZ Business Outlook

ANZ's Business Outlook Survey shows the results of a monthly survey including hundreds of businesses nationwide. ANZ Business Outlook analyses where the economy will be going over the next 12 months. The publication is written for business people who can see at a glance how business confidence is stacking up, what export sales are up to, how the labour market is doing, and more.

KiwiSaver in Uncertain Times – Insights from ANZ Experts

In this webinar ANZ experts provide key insights and explain how you can get the most from your KiwiSaver account.

Property Focus - Lend Me a Hand

The housing market and new mortgage lending are bright spots in an economy otherwise facing an enormous amount of uncertainty.

More Customers Back On Top Of Lending

ANZ has seen the number of home loans on repayment deferral decline by just over 30% to around 14,800, with fewer customers now struggling to make home loans repayments.