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ANZ Insights

Lessons learned in the Pacific should be noted in NZ

ANZ Cook Islands Country Head Bernadette Shaw writes that, whether in New Zealand or the Cooks, business owners would be wise to take steps to ensure the foundations of their business are strong.

Sharon Zollner: 2022 may be a year of economic normalisation

As we look ahead to what 2022 might bring, ANZ Chief Economist Sharon Zollner writes, while it might feel like tougher going, it’s looking like a year of normalisation on a range of fronts – not a bad thing when the past two years have been anything but.

What investors need to know in 2022

ANZ Wealth outlines the risks and opportunities for investors in 2022.

Equity markets start the year lower

"While instinct may tell you to switch to a ‘safer’ investment option, having patience is usually the best strategy in unsettling times," says Paul Huxford, Chief Investment Officer, ANZ NZ.

Will 2022 be the year of the 'next normal'?

When New Zealanders return from their summer holidays, the world will be looking different to the one they left behind in December and we may be in the 'next normal'.

Future female leaders develop solutions to real financial problems

A new generation of young, female leaders have brainstormed solutions to real-world financial issues as part of an ANZ-backed course – with impressive results.

Supporting women to succeed

It's time for all New Zealanders to feel it's no longer unusual for a woman to succeed in any way she chooses – and be championed doing so.

ANZ's Watch Women Win Report

There’s a huge amount of work to be done to find ways that enable, empower and encourage women to fulfil their professional or personal aspirations and dreams, which uplifts us all, socially and economically.

New frontier for farmers as low-interest environment starts to turn

As a new era of rising interest rates and cost inflation dawns, farmers need to be resilient, have stronger earnings, more flexibility and consider more diversification.

Talking openly and honestly about menopause

Younger generations are leading the charge when it comes to being body positive and what it means to be a woman – what can we learn from them?

Real opportunities for banks to shape sustainable future

ANZ NZ CEO Antonia Watson talks about how banks can act as a catalyst for everyone to reduce emissions and preserve our natural environment.

Sustainable Finance - Moving Into The Mainstream

As sustainable finance moves into the mainstream it is fostering innovation and encouraging demand for high quality reporting and more uniform standards.