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COVID-19 has impacted our lives in an unimaginable way. Below, find stories from ANZ's staff, customers we work with, and our communities about how they are responding to the pandemic.


For more information about how ANZ is supporting our customers through this crisis, visit anz.com.

Regional tourism eyeing expansion

Despite the nation’s $150 billion tourism industry being in strife, a regional small town hotel in South Australia is leading by example.

A life changing injury hasn’t stopped this leader

2020 was a year that taught us to adapt in ways we never would have thought. ANZ’s Jane Yuile is someone who is acutely aware of the importance of adapting and staying positive.

The people behind a billion clicks

An engineer behind ANZ’s mobile banking app shares what’s involved in delivering a leading digital experience for customers.

Help for disadvantaged youth on a plate

Social Enterprise Society Melbourne is helping to break the cycle of youth homelessness through financial literacy.

This bar is top shelf and high tech

Edwin Low never considered he’d be almost alone in a huge office for almost a year but when COVID-19 hit he was needed in person to help ANZ employees with all matter of tech issues.

Even on our own, we’re still together

Mardi Gras may have been a different experience this year, but the strength of the community is more powerful than ever.

Panda Mick: faith and hope – and giving to those in need

While most of us in Victoria were barely dragging ourselves out of bed during the state’s second lockdown, ANZ’s Catherine Aguilar was working, managing remote learning - and writing a children’s book.

Spearheading through adversity

Simone Tilley, Head of Retail Distribution at ANZ reflects on a year like no other, her career highlights and provides her thoughts on the year ahead.

Compounding challenges for families living in disadvantage

The Smith Family highlights concerns around the impact of COVID-19 on students and families experiencing poverty.