COVID-19 has impacted our lives in an unimaginable way. Below, find stories from ANZ's staff, customers we work with, and our communities about how they are responding to the pandemic.


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Cyber conversations: teaming up on security

Cybercrime is spreading with the pandemic. Cooperation between the ACSC and industry partners like ANZ is a vital protection against these threats.

Starting over

2021 has seen the highest ever number of recruits to the Given the Chance program. Luisa* shares the impact the program has had on helping her start over.

The future of self-storage looks bright

Ben Cohn, Taxibox chief and ANZ Business Growth Program alumni shares his insights on self-storage, innovation and the growing pains of starting a business.

Businesses focus on what matters

Businesses have learnt much from the pandemic and many plan to incorporate those lessons as they move into the next phase.

Businesses: 5 tips for post lockdown recovery

Simple ways for small and medium sized businesses to stay on top of reopening.

Keep dancing

COVID-19 led this small business to create new digital technology, resulting in a brand-new children’s dance party experience for schools and beyond.

Flood fails to dampen community spirit

Fire, floods, a global pandemic and more floods were not enough to dampen the spirit of communities in the mid-north coast of New South Wales.

Elliott: we’ll help you through this

In a letter to customers, ANZ CEO shares some of the ways the bank is supporting them to stay safe, secure and on top of their money.

From Rarotonga to the world

As Covid-19 continues to pose a challenge to Pacific economies, many businesses in the region have looked to embrace alternative business models and methods.