Flexible and sustainable branches, the way of the future

The new, sustainable design of ANZ’s branches provides the flexibility to adapt spaces for a better customer experience.

Three ingredients – and 40 years - for an exciting career

Outgoing long-term ANZ leader Vishnu Shahaney reflects on his wide-ranging career and lessons for the next generation.

Be brave enough to leap

The key to career progression isn’t always about looking up, a move sideways can also bring success.

Marketing and sales…in that order!

Many businesses jump straight to sales to generate revenue - missing the crucial step of a marketing strategy. Dr Jana Matthews explains why market research and a solid plan ensures the best chance of success.

Self-belief and persistence helps Bhanu overcome adversity

Shortly after joining ANZ, Bhanu was in a car accident. After three years of rehabilitation and recovery he could not wait to return to work.

To be brave, we need to be vulnerable

National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements – and how we can contribute to reconciliation in Australia.

Engineering a passion into purpose

From an early age Jacob was curious about how different gadgets worked. He’s now turned his passion for technology into a career at ANZ.

ANZ China: incredible teamwork as COVID hits

In an extraordinary act of personal sacrifice, four members of ANZ China’s Technology team have been living at the office through lockdown to ensure critical business can continue.

Are you a financial wellbeing?

Whether you love the thrill of a bargain or you just want to be better with money - you’re one of us.

I am technical – Decoding unconscious bias

ANZ Product lead explores how language can be used to break incorrect assumptions of people’s technical abilities because of race, gender, age or ability and address unconscious bias.

From coding to radio interviews - reflections from an ANZ technology graduate

After graduating from university, James Fricker entered ANZ’s graduate program and discovered his career opportunities were endless.

Diversity is key in conquering the cyber challenge

While the stereotype depicts a highly specialised, technical field without much communication, the reality of a career in cyber security is vastly different and a lot more accessible.